Chapter 1 Pythor disappears Now that we have the four Fangblades we can destroy them Zane says".Sensei Wu says " go train ".Pythor is gone and what are we going to do SKALES.Never retreat imbislie.Skalidor? What. Um I am going to hurt you.Slithraa I can squeeze the death out you.

Chapter 2 Serpentine Final Battle We are going to have a final battle. Why SKALES? Because I am the new snake king.O.K. now let's get into the Hypnobrai truck. All Hypnobrai into this truck,all Fangpyre into this truck,all Constrictai into this truck,and all Venomari into this truck.And now all we've got to do is arrive at the lost city of Oruoborus.

Chapter 3 Pythor Returns

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