The episode begins with Misako and Wu reading scrolls as Kai,Cole,Jay,Zane, and Lloyd practice their victory speeches.

Lloyd- I have a-

Kai interupts- Lloyd someone already said that. If you end up defeating your father you need to make a speech that people will record and forever show it on TV every time Lloyd day comes up.

Jay- Lloyd day? what about Jay Day! You see it's funny becuase Jay day rymes so it will be said more often.

Sensei calls the Ninja to show them what he found. he had found a dildo. all of a sudden he dropped it in the sand

" sensai, you just got my dildo all sandy " jay said " now i cant stick it up in there" 

the rest of the ninja looked at him and cole pulled something from his pocket. everyone looked to see that it was a gigantic mega-size dildo.

" here jay, use mine" cole said. he winked at jay and turned back to sensai 

" cole, im not sure how ill fit this in" said jay. he pulled down his pants and tried but it only went a centimeter in. 

" here, let me try " kai said. then he grabbed the dildo from jay and pulled down his pants and stuck it in slowly. 

" uh- yeah baby, yeah give it to-me!" he screamed as he stuck it in farther. 

" im sick of dildos lets do it for real " cole said as they all jumped on the horrified nya

nya screamed RAPE but all of a sudden jay put his penis in her ass, cole and his dick in her mouth, while zane and kai AND sensai got her vagina. it was a full on orgy and the ninja were sex crazy. all of a sudden jay and cole cummed in nyas mouth and everyone started to cum on each other.

it was the best day ever for those sex crazy ninja rapist

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