Dark Katana
Purple Staff
Golden Armour
PWR Armour



Finn Is Lloyd's best friend. He was told to board the Destiny's Bounty by his father. Nya lends her Purple Ninja duties to Finn when he boards the Bounty.

Background Edit

Finn was Lloyd's friend in Lloyd's school. Finn is kind, serious, and sometimes energetic. His parents were divorced so he stays with his father. Later Finn is sent to get babysat by Sensei Wu when Finn's father goes to another country. When Finn boards the Destiny's Bounty, he is passed on to be The Purple Ninja.

Accessories Edit

  • Dark Katana
  • Purple Staff
  • Golden Armour
  • PWR Armour

Ninjas Edit

  • Kai
  • Jay
  • Cole
  • Zane
  • Lloyd
  • Finn

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