Zerox And Sokko Strike
Season 7, Episode 1
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Fall Of The Snakes

The EpisodeEdit

Sokko Now Has Control Over The Serpentine And Lord Gamadon Now That He Has Skales Controling Him.

Fangtom Then Bites Gamadon Turning Him Purely Evil! Gamadon Reacvates Gamatron Turning It Into "Sokkotron X".

The Ninja Once Again Seeks Help From "Tal ". Tal Travels To The Dark Island And Brings Back The Remains Of The Bounty. The Ninja Then Repair The Bounty Planing To Attack Sokko,Zerox, And The Serpentine. With Them Seeking Out The First The First of The Newly Created "Golden Blades". When They Return To The Bounty, The Episode Ends.