Season 4, Episode 12
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The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master
The Kid Ninjas of The New Masters of Spinjitzu

"Now, the kids have the future in their hands, they may be our kids, but they may not be Ninjas, but you don't have to be a Ninja to make a difference. You can be a child, teenager or an adult to make a change. Anyone can make a change, you just need to find the courage to take the first step."- Zane at the end of the episode.

Episode 48- Epilogue is the final episode of A different interpretation Ninjago: Master of Spinjitzu


A teacher finishes telling his students the story of the Ninja, one of the kids asks "Mr. Julien" if the story of the Ninja is true, and the teacher is revealed to be Zane. Then class is dismissed and Karone approaches Zane, and we learn they got married.

The meet up with the other Ninja, and see their kids and they tell the kids to go play. Zane gives a brief narration saying that the kids will make a change.

The episode, along with A different interpretation Ninjago: Master of Spinjitzu ends with the Ninja using their Spinjitzu to bring in the letters "The End".


  • Kai - Vincent Tong
  • Jay - Michael Adamthwaite
  • Cole - Kirby Morrow
  • Zane - Brent Miller
  • Dan- Quinton Flynn
  • Lloyd- Corey Bringas
  • Karone- Melody Perkins
  • Nya- Elieen Stevens
  • Cassie- Patricia Ja Lee

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