The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master
Season 4, Episode 11
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The Final Battle (Part 4)

Episode 47- The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master is the semi-final episode of A different interpretation Ninjago: Master of Spinjitzu


The Ninja arrive at the Jamakai Village to confront the Overlord. He sends his armies everywhere to attack the Ninja and the others, they all split up to stop the Stone Warriors.

Eventually, only Dan and Karone remain with Zane. The Purple and Cyan Ninja attack the Stone Warriors telling Zane to go forward. Karone manages to tell Zane that she's in love with him, Dan then tells his best friend is he survives, he'd better treat Karone right. Zane says if he does survive he will.

The Overlord turns into his dragon form and Zane uses the "Golden Dragon" fighting style. He manages to destroy the Overlord!

The Ninja think that Zane may have died, Karone begins to cry and her brother hugs her, before Zane arrives and they all hug him. Zane saying he loves Karone and the two kiss. Cassie admits she likes Dan and the two of them kiss too. The Ninja, Sensei Wu and Nya watch the sunrise over the Jamakai Village...


  • Kai - Vincent Tong
  • Jay - Michael Adamthwaite
  • Cole - Kirby Morrow
  • Zane - Brent Miller
  • Dan- Quinton Flynn
  • Lloyd- Corey Bringas
  • Karone- Melody Perkins
  • Nya- Elieen Stevens
  • Cassie- Patricia Ja Lee
  • Sensei Wu - Paul Dobson
  • Overlord - Ian James Corlett

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