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Episode 29- No More Ninja (Part 1)

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No More Ninja (Part 1)
Season 2, Episode 9
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Spin Lloyd, Spin
No More Ninja (Part 2)

No More Ninja (Part 1) is the 29th episode of A different interpretation Ninjago: Master of Spinjitzu


NIles uses a super powerful gemstone to revive the other Serpentine tribes and another Serpentine, the Great Devourer.

The Ninja begin their battle using the Sack o Tron and Weege but they're beaten back. Then there's a giant crack made in Ninjago, and the Ninja, their Osmans and the NilesGalleon fall into the crevice and are presumed  to be at Niles' house! There is a special appeirience by Niles himself! Niles has to help them defeat the Nindroids by using the sacking weapons and the big shoes.


  • The writers original plan for this episode was for the group to get into a fight and go their separate ways.
    • It was changed for unknown reasons.
  • This is the Semi-Final episode of Season 2.
  • The writer director and publisher (Niles) sacked everybody and did the episode himself
  • Niles thnrew the editor (Brenden) out the window and was arrested before the episode was compleated 
  • This episode aired on Smarch 1,000 2014 in Mfghansmanfree
  • The originl episode involved getting the rights to My Little Pony, but Niles sacked that guy 
  • In the original Niles was going to appear in a diaper running as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog!
  • The actor for Katniss was going to play Nya but she disapered for unknown reasons and will sadly not play in the movie MockingJay
  • The CN company said that this episode sucked so Niles was fires and the real episode is airing in March


  • Kai - Uncile Grencepran
  • Jay - MIcheal J Fox
  • Zane -Uirze Mawnmz
  • Morgan Freeman- Morgan Freeman
  • Lloyd- Emmit Smith
  • Karone- Baeds Cawpz
  • Nya- Buddy Wilter
  • Mario- Visous Chanchevie
  • Brenden- Morgan Freeman
  • Lord Garmadon - Twilintish Spraggle
  • Niles- Richard Heedsern

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