The Pink Ninja
Season 2, Episode 5
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The Pink Ninja is the 25th episode of A different interpretation Ninjago: Master of Spinjitzu


The Ninja get ambushed and they're forced to land the Destiny's Bounty in the "Forbidden Forrest" a forest nobody has gone into for many years. While in the forest the find a book detailing the events of the "Great Battle for Ninjago".

They see the "Great Battle for Ninjago" is the battle that many Ninja participated in to stop the Serpentine from over-running Ninjago. They find out there was an ancient Serpentine General who lead the Serpentine during the war.

The Ancient Serpentine General, managed to bite the First Spinjitzu Master, who was the Gold Ninja, the most powerful Ninja to have ever lived, but then he sent his powers away, turning them into the Green Ninja's powers. While he stopped the Ancient Serpentine General, all the others Ninjas, (san the 10 year old Sensei Wu, who was the Silver Ninja) were killed. But not before they all energized the Green Ninja's powers, giving up their powers.

Sensei Wu then hid the Green Ninja suit in a boat wreckage. 50 years later, creating Torchfrie Mountain as a base of operations, the Serpentine and Lord Garmadon to escape into Ninjago.

Dan then finds a Ninja encased in vines, after he frees the person we see a Pink Ninja! Who simply asks for help.



  • This is the only Season 2 episode with Sensei Wu in it.
    • Thought technically, it's not the Sensei from Season 1, but a 10 year old Sensei Wu.
  • This episode shows that they were once thousands of Ninjas, this is likely how the land became named "Ninjago".
  • The "Great Battle for Ninjago" was briefly seen during Blast to the Past.


  • Kai - Vincent Tong
  • Jay - Michael Adamthwaite
  • Zane - Brent Miller
  • Dan- Quinton Flynn
  • Lloyd- Corey Bringas
  • Karone- Melody Perkins
  • Nya- Elieen Stevens
  • Cassie- Patricia Ja Lee
  • Lord Garmadon - Mark Oliver
  • Acidicus - Paul Dobson
  • Fangtom - Mackenzie Gray
  • Skalidor - John Novak
  • Skales - Ian James Corlett
  • The Yellow Ninja- Austin St. John
  • The Orange Ninja- Joanne Vannicola
  • Young Sensei Wu- Connor Bringas
  • First Spinjitzu Master- Bill Corkery
  • Ancient Serpentine General- Roger Craig Smith

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