The Snakes Awaken
Season 1, Episode 1
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"I have anti-venom!" -Nya, a few seconds after Mezmo's disappearance.

The Snakes Awaken is the first episode of the first season (possibly the only season) of a fan-made version of the original TV show.


Cole and Kai are playing a videogame (similar to the start of the real episode 1) that uses the music of Frogger and Pacman, and then the Sensei unplugs the game. He tells the ninjas that they have to stop playing or they will never become official ninjas. Later, Zane tells Sensei that he has circus classes the next day, so he put a pie in Wu's face.

Nya rushes into the room, warning the Ninja that Garmadon has been sighted somewhere near the frozen wasteland. Lloyd demands candy from the Ninja, so Zane throws another pie. However he missed. Then Lloyd explored the wastelands. Suddenly he figures out the location of the Hynobrai, and decides to unleash them on all of the Ninjago world.

Back at the wasteland center, Kai finds a scroll in Sensei's bag and Zane translates it. He tells the Ninja that one of the four will become the green ninja. They later find some Kendo armor to do training. Cole ends up being the strongest. Later, Sensei and Nya arrive and tells them that none of them have enough power yet. The Ninja then return to the monastery, but Lloyd is still under Mezmo's control.

To watch this video, click the link in Zaid184's profile page.

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