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As we all thought ideas after season 5 might leave us clues for the next season Edit

meanwhile, users and viewers, enjoy reading ideas for:

== Any who 'Revenge of the skeletons' might not take place since samukai was banished/destroyed, 'The lost Relic' should be the solution for the new season 6. It Was Announced That Ninjago Season 6 is Happening!It Will be Mostly a Ghost Type Theme
Any ideas?

== One of my ideas is that,the ninjas will find out a way to open the portal to save garmadon but they accidentally let everything in the portal out and the ninja have to find a way to save ninjago.
Mine is that morro breaks out of the cursed realm and finds a way to open the cursed realm portal in a way to let everyone out including garmadon chen and clouse. chen and clouse will be generals and garmadon pretends to work for morro but sneaks out of the army and teams up with the ninja to save ninjago once again. then they call the other elemental masters to help, then neuro the master of the mind reads clouses mind to discover spells to help the ninja. 

Mine is a new villain will frame the ninja and make them public enemy number 1

season 4-Revenge Of The Snakes Edit

season 5-I Was Born To Be A Ninja season 6- morro madness

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